Finish Thompson DB22 in GA for Corrosive Environments

Corrosive Environments

Born from a painstaking, extensive effort, the efficiency of the Finish Thompson DB series lowers energy consumption and operating costs over the long lifecycle of the pump. Constructed from Polypropylene or PVDF, the Finish Thompson DB22 in GA operates resiliently in the most corrosive of environments. It can even run dry without damage. This rock-solid […]

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Water Leak Protection in St. Cloud: Beware of the Danger Zones!

Water Leak

The average home has many water leak danger zones. If you’re interested in water leak protection in St. Cloud, it makes sense to properly prioritize where you place the leak sensors. Below, we’ve listed seven areas that can benefit from smart water leak protection. 1. Bathrooms: A lot can go wrong in a bathroom, including […]

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6 Natural Treatments for Chronic Tendonitis in Louisiana


If you suffer from chronic tendonitis in Louisiana, you know that it is a painful inflammation of the tendons. Usually caused by repetitive movements, injuries or built-up inflammation over time, it can cause a lot of discomforts. People who are over 40 years old tend to experience tendonitis more than younger people, but really anyone […]

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Top 4 Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins

Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins

Pharmaceutical grade ingredients refer to a very specific set of legal qualifications. Supplements made to fit these requirements must meet standards for purity and processing in accordance with the U.S. Pharmacopeia. Random sampling by third-party agencies is conducted to ensure 99% purity and to guarantee products contain the ingredients they list. Additionally, pharmaceutical grade supplements […]

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