5 Factors to Consider When Buying Honeycomb Window Blinds

Honeycomb window blinds are popular for their insulation capabilities. They can keep a room warm during winter and cool down a room during summer. Honeycomb blinds are available in a wide range of colours, fabrics, textures, and opening styles.


You can choose a soft fabric to allow subtle rays of light into the room, or you may select blackout fabrics to darken a room. There are top-down systems as well as bottom up systems.

When shopping for honeycomb blinds, here are five things you have to consider.

1. Your lighting and privacy requirements

Identify first how much privacy you need and how much light you want to let in. Also, determine where you plan to install the blinds.

Blackout fabrics are great for bedrooms where privacy is a priority. Sheer fabric can help brighten up a kitchen with more natural light. For living spaces, you can opt for a semi-opaque fabric for a combination of privacy and illumination.

Fabrics with a reflective coat on the reverse side can block up to 86% of light. Translucent fabrics with pearl coat lamination also feature high reflection values.

If you are installing honeycomb window blinds in wet rooms, choose a water-resistant fibre. Blinds should be stable, fast-drying, and mould-resistant when set up in laundries, bathrooms, and kitchens.

2. Your style preference

Honeycomb window blinds come in a wide range of styles:

  • Bottom Up
  • Top Down
  • Top Down Bottom Up
  • Day and Night

Honeycomb blinds may be raised from the window sill or lowered from the top. This allows some light to filter into the room while providing enough coverage from outside elements.

Day and Night, also called combination cellular blinds, operate on three rails and two sets of different fabrics. One set is sheer, and the other is dark. Individual cords let you control privacy and light passage accordingly.

3. Corded or cordless

You can operate honeycomb window blinds four ways:

  • Traditional cord
  • Retractable cord
  • Continuous cord loop
  • Motorised remote control system

Motorised remote controls are the safest option if you have children or pets in the house. No cables are dangling around as infrared and radio frequencies are able to control the blinds remotely. With the click of a button, you’ll be able to control skylight shades and heavy, oversized shades. You can also program your remote to open and close the blinds while you are away.

4. The right cell size

Honeycomb blinds are available in single, double, and triple cell variations. More cells mean more privacy and thicker insulation. Triple cells are made with small pleats while single cells may come in small or large. Go for large pleats if you have deep window sills. Small pleats fit easily into shallow window sills.

Small 25mm single cells are ideal for small window openings.

Double 38mm cells increase the thermal efficiency of the honeycomb shade.

Large 45mm cells are perfect for large window openings.

5. Fabric colours

Watson offers a great selection of colours to help you achieve the look you want for your room. Install a honeycomb to blend with your current décor or make it stand out in a dull space.

Honeycomb blinds come in a wide assortment of textures, prints, fabrics, lines, and patterns. Choose a design that is both visually pleasing and energy efficient.

More and more Australians are embracing the benefits of home insulation. Call us today for honeycomb blinds that can be fitted to any window style.