Small Business Insurance In Boardman – Understanding Your Risks!

Small Business Insurance

You’ve made the decision to branch out on your own, your SBA Business Plans is already a hit with your financial backers, and you feel ready to go out and take on the world. And this is precisely the time when you need to ask yourself if you’ve thought about the threats to your new business and why you need business auto and truck insurance in Boardman.

You wouldn’t want your wonderful idea to fail because you’d forgotten to think about how an everyday event might end up costing your company dearly. The good news is that, for many of these risks, there is a solution close at hand.

Small business insurance in Boardman isn’t free, but without it, your business could be derailed by an unexpected problem.

Consider the following scenarios:

• An unhappy customer claims you gave them poor advice and decides to sue you. Even if you aren’t at fault, you’ll probably find yourself spending a lot of time and money dealing with the case and racking up costly attorneys’ bills that you hadn’t included in your business plan. By purchasing Errors and Omissions insurance (professional liability insurance) your legal costs can be covered in the event of a lawsuit involving a covered claim.

One of your employees is injured at work. Although he’s not badly hurt, he needs hospital treatment and rehabilitation, all of which you must cover. The costs can quickly spiral, but you can get coverage for these expenses with Workers’ Compensation insurance.

A potential client is injured while visiting your offices and you are held responsible for their injuries. Do you have General Liability business insurance in Boardman to cover the damages and legal and medical fees?

Suppose there’s a tornado or fire that destroys your office. The damage not only obliterates your office, but also your income for the year. If you had a Business Owners’ policy, you’d be compensated to replace your lost equipment. Further, if your Business Owners’ insurance includes Business Interruption coverage, you could also be repaid for that lost income, up to your policy’s coverage limits.

Some of these incidents may alarm you – and they should. You’re an ambitious entrepreneur with a great business idea, but these events could disrupt your business before it ever really gets going.

If you are looking for small business insurance in Boardman and have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

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